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We need your latest CV/resume


  1. You receive feedback to your latest CV/resume and we discuss what you want to achieve at the German job market such as position, role, resonsibilities, salary. 

  2. Based on your feedback and your career goals we design your job application documents for the German market.

  3. We support you regarding job adverts & handing in your documents until we achieved three job interviews. 

In the end you have a job match and you and your new employer work on the contract. Whenever you want to apply for another job you should now know how to handle it.



Get professional feedback on your already created documents.

This includes the format (font, paragraphs, spacing), spelling and writing style.

Depending on how you submit your documents to me, I will use a commentary function to partly insert them directly into your documents and partly explain them in a text - e.g. an e-mail to you.



Based on your curriculum vitae, skills, education, qualifications and further training, we discuss your possible career steps and the best possible alignment of your new application documents on the German market. 



Have a professional, individual cover letter created. We support your career goals on the German market at its best and transform the results of the consultation into your application documents such as the letter.



Have your resume professionally created.


Resumes are as individual as all of us. So you choose a template that suits you.


You have to put that together so that we have a basis to work from:

Either you send me your previous resume (of course, if it includes an analysis) or.... :

1. which company did you work for and when? (MM/YYYY - MM/YYYY)

2. what was your position?

3. what tasks did you do there?

4. where do you want to go next? Where would you like to apply?

5. do you have a sample job advertisement or a concrete job advertisement for which you want to apply?

After you have provided me with your documents and I have reviewed them, I will contact you by e-mail or phone to clarify any open questions.

You will then receive a 1st draft. We will work on this together in two correction loops.

We always work with .doc files (I use Word), so you can change and adapt the document(s) at any time. We also work with deadlines, so you can plan when you will receive a feedback from me. And I also stick to deadlines, so that you can expect a result/feedback within a certain time.



No matter on which of the two portals you are active, we will adapt your profile to your application documents and thus create a holistic picture of you. Nearly 97% of the HR professionals search for you on these portals when they receive your documents and are interested. 

You will receive a template with instructions for your profile. 



Until the first draft - maximum 3 days

1st correction - maximum 2 days after your feedback

2nd correction - maximum 2 days after your feedback


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