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You want to place an application at the German job market? 

We ensure that your application fits the personaler´s needs and you get invited to your job interview. 

We explain the application to you that you can answer any question which is placed by any interviewer. 

Since German is our mothertongue, we help you to find the right words and expressions. 



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ANALYSIS of your resume


COVER LETTER for German market

RESUME for German market


what makes you unique...

...must be communicated clearly but also subtly enough...

Even though ATS (Applicant Tracking System) online application systems make everything seem a little anonymous, a recruiter reads the application at the end and either puts your application away or contacts you. 

With online systems, the correct keywords must be used in the application so that your application is already sorted by the system into the folder of suitable candidates. Afterwards, the recruiter must be convinced of your application and certain standards should be observed to ensure that your application is readable and interpretable for the recruiter. 

Take advantage of our expertise and let your documents shine even more brightly than your application photo, and put yourself in the right light. For the first impression you only have this one chance. Take advantage of it.

about me

As an experienced CV writer I have a knack for finding the right words to draw you and your intentions clearly and charmingly in your CV.  

The resume is the ticket to the interview and I would like to help you with that. 

I rely on authenticity, charm, clear words, success and clear intentions.



Write to me, then we can discuss your previous documents briefly and free of charge in advance. But this does not mean a complete analysis. 

Send me your documents by e-mail and your mobile phone number so that I can contact you when I have the documents in front of me.

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